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August 18, 2010
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r e d . m i s e r y by Sea-Dragon r e d . m i s e r y by Sea-Dragon
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Ivan Braginsky- The boss of the Russian Mafiya, feared for his mental instability and ruthless methods. He leads the family with a firm hand, having little tolerance for failure and insubordination. Seemingly cold and flat on the outside, he is severely battle-scarred on the inside. Despite possessing a frigid and threatening presence that seems to freeze the atmosphere of wherever he walks, the boss has a soft and vulnerable side to him that he shows to only a select few.

Toris Laurinaitis- The right-hand and second-in-command of the Mafiya. He's well-admired for his kind demeanor and forgiving attitude, but often looked upon as incompetent for the same reasons. Despite his age, he possesses plenty of experience on the field of battle and remains unmatched at his talent for martial-arts, though he dislikes fighting. For unknown reasons, the Boss keeps his Right-Hand off the front lines as much as possible. However, when he is seen on the field, those that are smart enough know that things are about to go down.

Natalya Alfroskaya- The cold and ruthless assassin of the Mafiya, and the best marksman in the family (aside from maybe the Boss himself). She strikes down every one of her targets with terrifying efficiency. Those who are observant enough can see that she has her eyes on the position of the right-hand, determined and perfectly capable of doing anything to achieve her goals, even if it means removing all obstacles from the picture completely. However, the current holder of the position is strangely unconcerned for his safety.

Yekaterina Braginskaya- The spy of the Mafiya, and adoptive sister of the Boss. Despite her mild dislike for the job, she is surprisingly talented at it with the help of her innocent looks and other... developments. Being the maternal-figure of the family, she expresses great concern for every member of the family, making sure none of them does something stupid under her nose. However, her protectiveness of her brother rises all above the rest, so she has zero tolerance for any harm meant towards him. I spelled her name wrong in the picture OTL

Feliks Łukasiewicz- The hitman of the Mafiya who totally hates his job to the max. Because of his extreme dislike for fighting on the front lines and getting his figure splattered with muck, he is often underestimated for his fighting skills. He's known for his initial shyness, but totally hates it when no one takes him seriously. Even though he does receive his fair share of respect for his experience and raw skill, there are rumors flying around the entire Mafiya claiming that he wants nothing more than to seize the title of the Boss and get his hands down the Right-Hand's pants, but everyone knows those are just rumors, right?

Eduard Von Bock- The overseer/briefer of the Mafiya, known for his surprising charisma and ingenuity. He's oddly protective of the family's messenger, since they are mildly-distant relatives. In addition, he seems to be the only one who is aware of his distant relation to the Mafiya's Right-Hand. Maintaining good relations with every family member (save for the Assassin, but no one is really on good terms with her, except for the boss whether he likes it or not), he is fairly admired and respected for his ability to create and execute plans with hassle-free efficiency.

Raivis Gallante- The timid messenger of the Mafiya. Even though his fighting and self-defense skills aren't on-par with the rest of the family's, he is still perfectly capable of holding his own. Despite being severely underestimated (though, sometimes overestimated in some cases), he has the amazing ability of not getting killed, even in the most seemingly-hopeless situations.

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

Arrrgh, I dont even know how to catagorize my Hetalia fanart anymore ;n; and I apologize for my probably-inaccurate translation of Russian.

This took a while to complete! Kudos to ~Zel3DMe for letting me borrow her tablet to finish this picture (mine is currently broken. If anyone knows how to fix it and is interested in buying it, then please drop me a note). Except for Russia, Poland, and Lithuania, this was my first time drawing any of these characters ever. I hope they're acceptable |D though I've heavily edited everyone's face and pose and what not.

Life has been fairly busy for me, and I haven't even started school yet. I'm lagging behind in my drivers ed because of my procrastination, and who knew that AP classes gave you homework over the summer :T (Okay, maybe everyone, but I didn't). I'm falling behind Lamentia as well, I seriously need to pick up the pace. Please bear with me |D

EDIT: =ryounkura created a companion piece to this, and frankly, it's effing aweseome.

Hetalia Himaruya
Art by me
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